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We are grateful to the Asian Group and Zamiha Desai for providing beautiful saris and clothing to the widowed women of Radha Kunda with RadhaSeva.  These widowed ladies were able to come together joyfully to receive their gifts. Providing clothes to these women helps to allow their limited personal resources to go further
We also sincerely thank our sponsors for the widows' feasts this month.   Providing widow's feasts helps bring the widowed community joyful celebrations, often in honor or memory of someone from our generous donor community.  This support helps widows to live full and satisfying lives and share their appreciation toward our generous patrons who support their daily care.
We are so excited to celebrate the hardworking widowed ladies and local brajavasi in Radha Kunda and Govardhan who continue to daily protect, preserve, and maintain the sacred temples, gardens, and kundas around Govardhan Hill for both pilgrims and locals alike to visit in prayer and appreciation.

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