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We're Doing Everything We Can to Support the Widows of Vrindavan. 
Here's why - 

RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan at Kusum Sarovar
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan
RadhaSeva widow of Vrindavan

Twenty thousand widows in Vrindavan are living without their most basic resources.

These are women who were shunned by their villages after the death of their husbands and left to survive as beggars. Many have traveled thousands of miles across India to take refuge in Vrindavan, hoping to find a community. 

By empowering these women to help take part in and uplift Vrindavan's communities, they too can live a life they deserve, a life of dignity and respect. 



Hear Their Stories

"In my village, they would sell girls to men as wives. When my husband died, I was given nothing, no support". - anonymous 

RadhaSeva widow of Vrindavan

We're here to make a difference in these women's lives. 

​By providing support to these widowed and vulnerable women in Vrindavan, we honor their dignity, encourage self-reliance, and promote a strong sense of community. Our efforts not only uphold cherished traditions but also reflect the enduring principles of respect, compassion, and these women's cultural values. Together, we can make a meaningful impact, ensuring these resilient women lead lives filled with grace, dignity, self-sufficiency, and a deep connection to their spiritual heritage." 


There are
55 Million widows in India  20,000 live in Vrindavan.

90% of those women are illiterate & abandoned by their families.

Only widows over 60 receive a government pension, but it's worth only $5 a month.

Social stigmas leave most widows shunned and left to beg in the streets.

Here's Where We're Offering a Brighter Future



95% of widows were married as children. Most were married before they were 15 years old, widowed by 30, and left to spend the rest of their life begging for survival.

We empower widows to take on services meaningful to the community, including providing meals to those in need and environmental care to disrupt social stigmas against widows. Not only that, but by showing the value of these women in society and allowing them the opportunity for a life of quality, they can lead the way for a better future for all women and girls in Vrindavan.



90% of widows are uneducated, illiterate and struggle with social stigmas against them making it nearly impossible for them to receive employment.   

We give widows opportunities to learn skill sets for financial stability. We believe that regardless of their educational status, widows can become strong and stable in society. Empowering widows sets standards for providing skillsets and education to girls.



80% of widows lack access to healthcare and struggle with illness, primarily due to a lack of sanitation: access to clean water, toilets, or soap.

We help widows financially to live independently so they no longer have to live in the streets or crowded ashrams, protecting them from unsanitary situations and preventable illnesses. We also provide regular free medical care, medications, and personal sanitary items. Through a supportive community, widows are receiving the healthcare and resources they need to live satisfying lives.



78% of widows fear for their wellbeing. Living as a societal outcast, widows are left alone and abandoned.

We've created a safe community for widows to provide a level of care that strengthens the community as a whole. When widows are empowered, they gladly take on community initiatives that nourish and protect the local environment and support the entire community

Restoring Hope


We offer widows daily community services with salaries double the local standard. These women are preparing daily meals for women in their community and local men, women, and children in poverty. They're creating gardens, cleaning and maintaining 5,000-year-old historical sites, and globally recognized sacred waters around Govardhan, India. 

By giving widows paid and meaningful engagement, they become empowered, uplift their communities, and provide futures for themselves and others. 


RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan at Kusum Sarovar


Rohini was widowed when she was only 36 years old. Today she is the assistant manager of RadhaSeva and takes care of hundreds of women and locals in need.


RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan

Here's how you can help

$30 a month changes the life of a vulnerable widowed woman in need

Become a monthly sponsor to a widowed woman in need.


Vrindavan's widows are women without a family or community to support them. Coming from small rural villages, most widows cannot read or write beyond their names, struggle to find even the most modest means of employment, and resort to begging in Vrindavan's streets for their livelihood. 

Sponsoring a widow ensures her employment to provide meals for other widows and local people in need and preserve and maintain Vrindavan's sacred spaces. It offers her housing and medical care and, most importantly, gives her family, community, and purpose once again.

RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan
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