Our Work

Vrindavan, India, is globally renowned as one of the most sacred places on the planet, and the home to thousands of temples and historically holy sites. Yet thousands of Vrindavan's people suffer extreme poverty. Twenty thousand are widows, the largest community of widows in the world. We're on a mission to empower Vrindavan's people while protecting the sacred land and water there. With the help of generous supporters like you, we're making an impact every day. 

800,000 lbs  
of trash removed

1 Million
meals provided

250 Women
​ daily

Where We Work

Outside Vrindavan City is Govardhan Town, here we maintain some of the most prominent historic locations in all of Vrindavan. 

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Proving our impact

From the start, we've publically shared every single one of RadhaSeva's projects.

You can find all of our funded projects on the map below. 

Govardhan Hill

Radha Kunda

Shyama Kunda

Meal Distribution Location

RadhaSeva Widows Headquarters


Padma Inc. A USA 501(c)(3) religious charity. Tax-Exempt EIN 561969986 RadhaSeva is a dual-qualified charity in USA and India with Padma Charitable Trust. RadhaSeva is wholly owned by Padma Inc.