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Empowering Vrindavan's people to protect their sacred land, water, culture, and history every single day. 


Vrindavan, India, is globally renowned as one of the most sacred places on the planet and the home to thousands of temples and historically holy sites. Yet thousands of Vrindavan's people suffer extreme poverty, and 20,000 are widowed women, the largest community of widows in the world. We're on a mission to empower Vrindavan's people while protecting the sacred land and water there. With the help of generous supporters like you, we're making an impact every day. 

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800,000 lbs  
of trash removed

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1 Million
meals provided

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250 Women
provided services daily

Empowering Widows & Local Brajavasis

We provide widows and local Brajavasis an opportunity for personal and community empowerment with fair pay wages and community initiatives, bringing them out of poverty and taking on projects that matter most.

RadhaSeva A woman cleaning in Govardhan as part of the non-profit organization RadhaSeva
widow of Vrindavan cleaning in Radha Kunda part of RadhaSeva a non-profit organization in Vrindavan

Where We Work

Outside Vrindavan City is Govardhan Town, and it's here that we maintain some of the most prominent historic locations in all of Vrindavan. Many of these locations have histories thousands of years old, and the temples and historic structures themselves can date back to the 16th century. 

Often these sacred locations cannot withstand the fast-paced changes of the landscape due to an over-abundance of tourism, urban development, and extreme weather conditions. Without constant restoration and daily maintenance, these places would become depleted and unrecognizable in only a matter of a few short years.

It is our goal to ensure Vrindavan's history will last for many generations to come. While using both short and long-term solutions and local community involvement, we hope to see Vrindavan not only maintained but restored to the beauty it once was. 

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See us in Action

Click the orange circles to see the before and after images of our cleaning and restoration,
and meet the people behind the work. 

Apsara & Navala  Kunda
Govardhana Radha Kunda map.png

Govardhan Hill

Govinda Kunda
Dananivartan Kunda
Govardhan Forest 2 Kilometers
Govardhan Forest
4 Kilometers
Kusum Sarovara
Uddhava Kunda
Sakhi Kunda
Brahma Kunda
Charan Kunda (Indra Kunda)
Surabhi Kunda
Lalita Kunda
Radha Govinda Mandir
Radha Kunda Parikrama
Three (Teen)
Goswami Mandir
Manasapavana Ghat
Jihva Mandir
Gaya Ghat
Gopi  Kupa
Caitanya's Sitting
Asta Sakhi
Go Ghat

Radha Kunda

Shyama Kunda

Radha Kunda

Govardhan Forest

Radha Kunda

Karshi Kunda
Radha Madan Mohan Mandir - Headquarters
Foot of Narasimha Temple


Updated locations - See our before and after images!

Our updates are on the way. 


Brahma Kunda

PANO_20190408_153711.vr (3).jpg


P7081360 (1).jpg



From the start, we've publically shared every single one of RadhaSeva's projects.  

Before and after our site restorations

We restore and maintain the historic and sacred kundas and holy spaces throughout Radha Kunda and Govardhan. After initial restorations are complete, we work with widows and Brajavasis to preserve each of these locations daily to ensure their protection and longevity. 


85241746_10157858820399223_1907211568165158912_o final.jpg

Caitanya's Sitting Place

MAINTAINED BY: Rhondita - Widow of Vrindavan (currently under construction)

In 1515 Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu would rest at this location between His walk from Imli Tala to His camp at Akrura Ghata. The Jagannath deities here were previously worshiped by Murari Gupta and later sent to this location to be cared for. Today Rhondita maintains Caitanya's Sitting place. 

Caitanya Baitak-1.jpg
april 04------2013 036-3.jpg

BEFORE - 2012

Find our cleaning locations on Google Maps

20200806_RadhaSeva at Kusum Sarovara_00008.tif
Help Us Maintain
These Sacred Spaces
$30 a month keeps Radha Kunda and Govardhan restored and maintained.
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