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Radha Seva is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering widows and the local people of Govardhan in Vrindavan to preserve its sacred land and uplift its communities. 


Together we will ensure a
beautiful Vrindavan.

Since RadhaSeva was founded in 2010, we've been on a mission to restore the beauty of Govardhan

We have the vision to see every widow in Vrindavan cared for and empowered and every sacred place maintained. But we also have a vision for future generations to come. We believe that together we are an empowered community, and Govardhan's communities will last the tests of time.  

1 Million
Prasadam Meals Distributed

Lbs of Trash Removed

People Served

Every single major kunda in Govardhan restored and maintained

Leading the Team


Our Founder
Radhika Devi Dasi
Felicity Fiorentino

RadhaSeva began with a simple, heartfelt desire to see Govardhan in Vrindavan, India, restored to its original beauty and its widows and local communities thriving.

Felicity Fiorentino is an Indigenous woman of North America and the founder of RadhaSeva. From an early age, Felicity dedicated her life to the universal spiritual truths of this world. After many years of immersing herself in her childhood's many indigenous philosophies and spiritual teachings, she understood the necessity for a more balanced and beautiful world where ancient cultures and spiritual truths thrive. After expanding her understanding of spirituality, she became acquainted with the teachings of His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, and shortly after, took initiation into his international society, taking the name Phalguni Radhika devi dasi. Her later travels to India opened her experience to a world where these universal truths still continue to thrive, and she found a home in Govardhan, one of the most sacred villages in the world. There, in her heartfelt desire to serve this beautiful holy place, RadhaSeva was born.

Today, RadhaSeva has far surpassed its humble roots and has continued to thrive for nearly 15 years. Still, Radhika's desire to support the protection of the culture and people of Govardhan remains the same. 

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Seemant Sharma
Chief Operating Officer


Sri Radhika
Communications Coordinator


General Manager

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