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This Diwali,

Give a gift bag to a widow of Vrindavan

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Bring warm winter clothing to widows of Vrindavan.
Offer a $50 gift bag of warm winter clothes to a widow in need. 

Your gift will include:
2 saris, 1 shawl, 2 sets of woolen socks, 1 set of warm shoes, gloves, a box of Diwali sweets, seasonal bonus.
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Widows will receive their gifts for our annual RadhaSeva Diwali Celebration at Radha Madan Mohan Mandir!

Sponsor a Widow
for Diwali

Your $20 monthly gift gives widows a second chance at life. Your gift empowers these women to uplift their communities and restore and maintain the sacred spaces in Govardhan of Vrindavan, India.  

This Karika, become a widow's sponsor and ensure your gift has a lasting impact on a widowed woman in need. Your generous monthly offering not only supports some of the most vulnerable women in the world, but also empowers these ladies to provide for their communities with daily meal distribution and protect sacred and historic temples, land, and water in Radha Kunda and Govardand of Vrindavan India. 

Your $20 monthly sponsorship will help support one widow with:

*Compensation for her daily seva
*Provided housing

*Provided daily meals

*Provided medical care


Meet Purnima
She Needs Your Sponsorship

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Purnima has been a part of RadhaSeva for over a decade and has dedicated her life to Radha Kunda, recently her health has begun to decline, but by becoming her sponsor, you ensure her lasting well-being. 

$20 a month ensures all of Purnima's needs are met, and her seva is secured. 

Support Purnima today.


Widows Feast in Vrindavan - RadhaSeva


Sponsor a widow's feast in honor or memory of a loved one, to ask for blessings, or to celebrate this special occasion. Sponsoring a widow's feast brings celebration to widows.

  • General Feast: $500 USD
    provides for 200 widows


  • Maha Feast: $750 USD
    provides for 350 widows

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Flower Garlands & Decorations:
$150 USD

Pooja Parapheneila:
$100 USD

$50 USD



Flower Decorations:
$150 USD

Pooja Paraphernalia:
$100 USD

$50 USD


Maha Bundle: Flower Decorations, Pooja Paraphernalia & Sweets: $300 USD

Large Bundle: Flower Decorations & Pooja Paraphernalia: $250 USD

Medium Bundle: Flower Decorations & Sweets: $200 USD

The widows of Vrindavan are women who have been abandoned by society after the death of their husbands - but with your support, they don't have to be. 

Together, we can care for these beautifully devotional women as they live the rest of their lives in service to Sri Krishna and His Holy Dham.

Together we can uplift the widows of Vrindavan.

Widow of RadhaSeva cleaning in Kusum Sarovara - RadhaSeva

About Us

Radha Seva is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering widows and the local people of Vrindavan to preserve its sacred land and uplift its communities. 

Together we will ensure a beautiful Vrindavan.

Since RadhaSeva was founded in 2010, we were on a mission to restore beautiful Govardhan and ensure that everyone could appreciate the sacred land for many generations to come. As our services grew, we knew we could do even more. So we hired widows and residents, disenfranchised by urban developments, to take on services that matter to be empowered to have a better life, and uplift their holy home and the people who reside there. 

We have the vision to see every widow in Vrindavan cared for and empowered and every sacred place maintained. But we also have a vision for future generations to come, and so, with your help, we are also providing for Vrindavan's children. We believe that together we are an empowered community, and we can solve Vrindavan's crisis. 

See what our RadhaSeva giving community has to say...

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So happy to have found this. Finally an organization whose mission resonates with my values.

Screenshot (56).png

C. John Gardiner

A wonderful Divine service beneficial to the whole universe. A gateway to Radha Krsna's Eternal Paradise. 


Hannah Rose

I have to say I am utterly inspired and grateful for this organization and the work you are doing. 

Screenshot (57).png

Jugal Krishna Das

This devotional service is very nice! Hare Krishna! I love Radha Seva!

Screenshot (59).png

Mahalakshmi Esperanza

Radha Seva is offering a most valuable serivce to humanity.

Screenshot (55).png

Bhakti Mj

This is truly beautiful and close to my heart now. You have a mothly donor in NYC. May you be blessed to continue to help all who need.

Screenshot (60).png
Screenshot (60).png

Jai Sri Radhe! My obeisances to the most beautiful service project!

Screenshot (51).png


A fantastic service!

Screenshot (58).png

Srimati Devi Dasi

Wonderful essential service! My dandavats to you all!

Screenshot 3.png

Sunita Parke

Radha Seva is a very special sweet rare opportunity.

3 (1).png

Subodh Sangar

Great service by all of you. We will spread the word. 


Brajasundari (Jill Tabler)

Thank you for not letting me down as a charity! Thank you for sharing the results of your work! Thank you, thank you.

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Padma Inc. A USA 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit. Tax-Exempt EIN 561969986 RadhaSeva is a dual-qualified charity in USA and India with Padma Charitable Trust. RadhaSeva is wholly owned by Padma Inc. 

This service is dedicated to and in honor of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada and his International Society for Krishna Consciousness

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