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Empowering Widows, Rekindling Hope, and Reviving Dignity in Vrindavan.

In the heart of our mission at RadhaSeva, we prepare nourishing meals for over 200 widows in Vrindavan every day. Using traditional methods and locally sourced ingredients, we serve hand-rolled chapattis, dal with aromatic spices, and vibrant subjis (vegetable dishes). This daily sustenance goes beyond a simple meal; it becomes a source of comfort, hope, and dignity for these resilient women who have been left and abandoned by society. Our daily widow meals signify a community that cares and is a reminder to these special women that they are not forgotten. Where many widowed women still face isolation and economic hardship, these meals are a lifeline, fostering a sense of belonging and well-being. Each meal is a small act of love that ripples through the community, creating a positive impact that extends far beyond the kitchen.

RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widows Feast
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widows Feast
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widows Prasadam Meals

Nourishing Hearts,
One Meal at a Time

We're Bringing Meals to the Widows of Radha Kunda
Every Single Day

RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widows Meals

At RadhaSeva, we celebrate the empowerment of widows as active contributors to their community. The significance lies not just in the nourishing meals we provide but in the fact that it is the widows themselves who cook and serve these daily offerings. Through traditional methods, these special women infuse each meal with a personal touch. This active participation not only imparts a sense of purpose and pride but also reinforces the idea that these widows are not just recipients but vital contributors to the well-being of the entire community. As they serve nourishment to their peers, they reclaim their roles as valued members of society, fostering a sense of unity and resilience in the heart of Vrindavan.


Cooking with love, serving with purpose — RadhaSeva widows leading the way to a better community.

The center of our services to the widows of Vrindavan lies a  simple yet warm and bustling kitchen where widows embody and celebrate the art of their culinary traditions. Utilizing simple village methods, most notably from many women's West Bengal roots, the air carries the comforting aroma of 800 hand-rolled chapattis. Large pots simmer with dal, infused with spices and hearty vegetables sourced locally. In this kitchen, adorned with traditional utensils, widows pour their love into every dish, creating not just meals but a sense of community and hope for over 200  women in their community each day.

RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Cooking Widows Meals
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widow Cooking Meals

Rohini (Top) has been cooking for the women in her community for over five years. She has been a stalwart for the care of other widowed women like her. Revati (Left) has been a part of RadhaSeva for nearly 15 years. As the ladies' general manager, she participates in and oversees each and every service, caring for every woman who comes to RadhaSeva in need.

RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widows Meals
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widow Meals
RadhaSeva Widows of Vrindavan Widow Meals
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widow Meals

Breaking stigmas and building bonds, our daily meals at Radha Madhan Mohan Mandir is a place of unity and empowerment for widows.

RadhaSeva Widows of Vrindavan Widow Meals

Serving 200 Widows Hot and Fresh Meals Every Day

In Vrindavan, where widows grapple with the harsh realities of loss and isolation, our daily mission to serve over 200 nourishing meals holds profound significance for these women. Many of these ladies face not just emotional hardship but also extreme economic challenges, struggling with the weight of poverty and an utter lack of resources. For them, the daily sustenance we provide is often the only meal they receive and the only way to meet their basic nutritional needs, especially when resources are scarce. In a community where societal stigmas often exacerbate their isolation, these meals become more than just food; they symbolize a caring community reaching out to uplift those who have faced profound loss. Our initiative is an offering of hope and sustenance in the face of adversity, providing not just nourishment but a sense of dignity and support to the widows of Vrindavan.

RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widow Meals
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widow Meals
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widow Meals
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widow Meals
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Getting involved to help the widows of Vrindavan is easy, and your support can make a meaningful impact. You can contribute by making a donation, and monthly contributions are especially powerful in providing sustained support to widows in Vrindavan. To donate, simply click on our "Donate Now" button. Additionally, you have the option to purchase individual food items like rice and wheat through our partners at Donatekart in the link below. Your generosity ensures that we can continue providing nourishing meals to over 200 widows every day. Join us in making a difference and bringing hope to these resilient women.

Your Donation Sustains Hope and Nourishes Lives. Click 'Donate Now' to be a Lifeline for Over 200 Widows in Vrindavan. Together, Let’s Feed Hearts and Ignite Resilience

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Sponsor a widow's feast in honor or memory of a loved one, to ask for blessings, or to celebrate this special occasion. Sponsoring a widow's feast brings celebration to widows.

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  • General Feast: $500 USD
    provides for 200 widows


  • Maha Feast: $750 USD
    provides for 350 widows

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