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Surabhi Kunda
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Govardhan Locations

Apsara & Navala Kunda
Charan Kunda (Indra Kunda)
Surabhi Kunda
Govardhan Forest (Top)
Brahma Kunda
Sakhi Kunda
Uddhava Kunda
Kusum Sarovar
Govardhan Forest (Bottom 1)
Dananivartan Kunda
Karshi Kunda
Govardhan Forest (Bottom 2)
Govinda Kunda
Foot of Narasimha Temple

Radha Kunda Locations

Radha Kunda
Shyama Kunda
Lalita Kunda
Lalita Kunda Samadhis
Gaya Ghat
Gopi Kupa
Gopi Kupa Samadhis
Asta Sakhi Ghat
Chaitanya's Sitting Place
Vallabha Ghat
Radha Madan Mohan Mandir
Go Ghat
Radha Kunda Parikrama Path
Radha Govinda Mandir
Jivha Mandir 
Three (Teen) Goswami Mandir
Manasapavana Ghat

Surabhi Kund, nestled within the Kadamba Van forest, holds great significance as the place where Surabhi played a pivotal role in reconciling Lord Indra with Lord Krishna and the residents of Braja. It is at this sacred kunda where Lord Krishna bestowed His forgiveness upon Indra for his offense during the Govardhan Hill pastimes.

In the aftermath of Indra's transgression, he approached Lord Krishna, seeking mercy and redemption. It was the Surabhi cow who accompanied Indra on this path of forgiveness. With deep reverence, Indra offered his obeisances to Krishna, while Surabhi, acknowledging Krishna as the most powerful mystic yogi and the soul of the entire universe, expressed her gratitude and devotion to Him. 

"The transcendental surabhi cow, who also came with Indra to see Krishna, offered her respectful obeisances unto Him and worshiped Him. The Surabhi offered her prayers to Krishna as follows. "My dear Lord Krishna, You are the most powerful of all mystic yogis because You are the soul of the complete universe, and from You only all this cosmic manifestation has taken place. Therefore, although Indra tried his best to kill my descendant cows in Vrindavana, they remain under Your shelter, and You have protected them all so well. We do not know anyone else as the Supreme, nor do we go to any other god or demigods for protection. Therefore, You are our Indra, You are the Supreme Father of the whole cosmic manifestation, and You are the pro¬tector and elevator of all the cows, brahmanas, demigods and others who are pure devotees of Your Lordship. O Supersoul of the universe, let us bathe You with our milk because You are our Indra. O Lord, You appear just to diminish the burden of im-pure activities on the earth." (Krishna Book, Chap 27)


Surabhi Kund stands alongside Indra Kunda on the parikrama path, next to Raghava Pandit's cave. During the Govardhan pastimes, Mother Surabhi bathed Lord Govinda, Krishna, at Govinda Kunda using the milk from her udder, following Indra's request. Fascinated by Krishna's sweet pastimes along Govardhan Hill, Surabhi decided to stay at Surabhi Kund throughout Krishna's manifest pastimes in Braj.

To commemorate these divine pastimes, Vajranabha, Sri Krishna's great-grandson, built a temple dedicated to Surabhi Kund. Bathing in this sacred kunda is believed to absolve one of sins, offenses, and undesirable desires, while also bestowing love for Sri Vrindavan Dham upon the devotee. Thus, Surabhi Kund remains an eternal symbol of forgiveness, devotion, and spiritual purification.

Our Cleaning & Restoration of Surabhi Kunda

Before Our Restoration

After Our Restoration

The Men Behind Daily Cleaning
20200811_RadhaSeva days 5-6 Surabhi Kunj
20200811_RadhaSeva days 5-6 Surabhi Kunj
20200811_RadhaSeva days 5-6 Surabhi Kunj




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