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Charan Kunda (Indra Kunda)
Charan Kunda or Indra Kunda in Govardhan, India. One of the many cleaning locations of RadhaSeva
It is said that this kunda was formed by the tears of Lord Indra as he fell at the feet of Lord Sri Krishna with regret and dismay.
Feeling proud, Lord Indra was angered when Krishna discouraged the residents of Vrindavan to give their sacrificial offerings of food grains to him, and instead to give those offerings to Govardhan Hill. In his anger, Lord Indra brought down fearsome clouds and torrential rains to drown out the residents of Vrindavan, and prove his might. Unfortunately, he was defeated when child Krishna saved the residents of Vrindavan by the lifting of Govardhan Hill like an umbrella, saving everyone. Once realizing his mistake, Lord Indra humbly bowed down to Lord Sri Krishna, offering beautiful tears and prayers. 

Today, we maintain this special place every day for the pleasure of the residents of Vrindavan and the traveling pilgrims alike. 
Our Cleaning & Restoration
The Man Behind The Daily Cleaning
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Help Us Maintain
These Sacred Spaces
$30 a month keeps Radha Kunda and Govardhan restored and maintained.
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