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Charan Kunda (Indra Kunda)
Charan Kunda or Indra Kunda in Govardhan, India. One of the many cleaning locations of RadhaSeva

Govardhan Locations

Apsara & Navala Kunda
Charan Kunda (Indra Kunda)
Surabhi Kunda
Govardhan Forest (Top)
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Sakhi Kunda
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Kusum Sarovar
Govardhan Forest (Bottom 1)
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Govardhan Forest (Bottom 2)
Govinda Kunda
Foot of Narasimha Temple

Radha Kunda Locations

Radha Kunda
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Gaya Ghat
Gopi Kupa
Gopi Kupa Samadhis
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Vallabha Ghat
Radha Madan Mohan Mandir
Go Ghat
Radha Kunda Parikrama Path
Radha Govinda Mandir
Jivha Mandir 
Three (Teen) Goswami Mandir
Manasapavana Ghat

Indra Kunda is a serene and ancient reservoir. According to local pastimes, when Krishna stopped the worship of Lord Indra, the king of the demigods in Vrindavan, and instead encouraged the residents of Vrindavan to worship Govardhan Hill instead, Lord Indra unleashed torrential rains upon the residents to teach them a lesson. However, Krishna lifted the sacred Govardhan Hill on His little finger of His left hand, creating a protective umbrella for the inhabitants. The astonished people sought refuge beneath the hill while Lord Indra's fury was subdued.

It is believed that during this miraculous incident, Lord Krishna's lotus feet created impressions (charans) on the ground, and the rainwater collected in these footprints, forming the Indra Kunda. This divine connection with Lord Krishna and His lilas makes Indra Kunda an incredibly sacred spot for devotees from around the world.

It is also said that this kunda was formed by the tears of Lord Indra as he fell at the feet of Lord Sri Krishna with regret and dismay. Once realizing his mistake of not acknowledging child Krishna as the Supreme Person, Lord Indra humbly bowed down to Sri Krishna, offering beautiful tears and prayers. 

Today, we maintain this special place every day for the pleasure of the residents of Vrindavan and the traveling pilgrims alike. 

Our Cleaning & Restoration of Indra Kunda

Before Our Restoration

After Our Restoration

The Men Behind Daily Cleaning
20200811_RadhaSeva days 5-6 Surabhi Kunj
20200811_RadhaSeva days 5-6 Surabhi Kunj
20200811_RadhaSeva days 5-6 Surabhi Kunj




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