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Govardhan Forest
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Within Vraja dham there are twelve sacred forests where Lord Krishna enjoyed many transcendental pastimes. Vrindavan forests is considered the largest and most sacred. In the middle of this forest is Govardhan Hill, where Krishna enacted many joyful pastimes with His friends and beloved gopis (cow herding girls). Today, some of the forests around Govardhan hill still exist with numerous small temples and holy places dedicated to the worship of Giriraj, Govardhan Hill. 

Our Cleaning & Restoration Before and After images are on the way
After images are on their way!
The Women Behind Daily Cleaning

Meet Basona and Nandarani,

Basona and Nandarani are always together. They live together, eat together, pray together, and serve together. These incredibly dedicated sisters work more than nearly any other member of RadhaSeva, and they do it together. For them, caring for Kusum Sarovar and the other sacred spaces around Govardhan is their opportunity to serve and give back to their communities, and they never miss a day to do so. They maintain the water from trash and debris at Kusum Sarovar, sweep the walkways, maintain the lawns, and garden with impeccable capacity, neither lacking energy, despite both being over 70-years-old. Basona and Nandarani have been an inspiration for the strength given to one who has a desire to serve, especially when working in loving companionship.

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Help Us Maintain
These Sacred Spaces
$30 a month keeps Radha Kunda and Govardhan restored and maintained.
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