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Celebrate Motherhood.

Become a monthly sponsor and restore hope for the widows of Vrindavan for Mother's Day

Meet Lakshmi, a widow of Vrindavan, India. In honoring Mother's Day, we're extending our hands and hearts across the continent to connect you with her and the resilient mothers and widows of Vrindavan like her. These women have been shunned by society and left to navigate their grief entirely alone. Despite extreme hardships and social stigmas, these women embody strength and grace under challenging circumstances. Lakshmi was married when she was only a child and was never given the opportunity of an education or the means to support herself. After the death of her husband, she was left without care or support in her community, her daughter was helpless in her time of extreme vulnerability and need.


Instead, like many widowed women of India, she traveled thousands of miles alone to reach Vrindavan with the hope of dignity, sanctuary, and support. By becoming a monthly donor, you do more than support a cause; you honor motherhood in its most universal form and catalyze profound changes in the lives of these deserving women by giving them a second chance at life within a community that supports and empowers them. Today, Lakshmi has become part of our RadhaSeva community to empower widowed women. She has dedicated her life to taking care of the sacred waters of Radha Kunda in Vrindavan, and every day cleans and maintains these waters while thousands of people offer prayers there. By sponsoring Lakshmi and women like her, you are helping transform an entire community of mothers who have otherwise been left without care, while supporting the holy land of Vrindavan.

Give by Mother's Day -May 12th

$20 a month will change the life of a widowed woman in need.
200 women are waiting to be sponsored today!


There are over 20,000 widowed women in Vrindavan, India, lacking their most basic resources and living in the most destitute conditions. We're on a mission to empower these women, offering opportunities to serve their communities with dignity and respect and enriching lives with compassion and purpose.

Your generous monthly gift will provide:

  • Sustained Care: Provides consistent essential living care, including housing, meals, clothing, medical, and all basic needs.

  • Empowerment Projects: Supports initiatives that empower these women to become self-reliant and respected community members.

  • Community Support: Offers strong community support for long-term well-being, including communal living, events, gatherings, and community service opportunities.

  • Cultural Preservation: Helps maintain their dignity and cultural practices, which are vital to their identities, and the overall cultural and spiritual environment of Vrindavan.



Every dollar you commit multiplies in value through the comprehensive support systems we build around each widow. Your $20 a month brings not just basic necessities but a transformation that uplifts entire communities, offering charitable returns on investment that fundamentally change lives. The empowerment and security you provide are worth infinitely more than the monetary value of your gift.

Our commitment to you is that we will provide you with:

  • Monthly proof of your contribution with our Monthly Impact Reports.

  • Consistent updates on our social media pages from the field so you can see your gift in action in real-time.
    The invaluable opportunity to visit us and volunteer on the ground.

  • Personal and timely communication with our team to answer questions and make genuine connections.

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So happy to have found this. Finally an organization whose mission resonates with my values.

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C. John Gardiner

A wonderful Divine service beneficial to the whole universe. A gateway to Radha Krsna's Eternal Paradise. 


Hannah Rose

I have to say I am utterly inspired and grateful for this organization and the work you are doing. 

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Jugal Krishna Das

This devotional service is very nice! Hare Krishna! I love Radha Seva!

Screenshot (59).png

Mahalakshmi Esperanza

Radha Seva is offering a most valuable serivce to humanity.

Screenshot (58).png

Srimati Devi Dasi

Wonderful essential service! My dandavats to you all!

Screenshot (55).png

Bhakti Mj

This is truly beautiful and close to my heart now. You have a mothly donor in NYC. May you be blessed to continue to help all who need.

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Sunita Parke

Radha Seva is a very special sweet rare opportunity.

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Screenshot (60).png

Jai Sri Radhe! My obeisances to the most beautiful service project!

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Subodh Sangar

Great service by all of you. We will spread the word. 

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A fantastic service!


Brajasundari (Jill Tabler)

Thank you for not letting me down as a charity! Thank you for sharing the results of your work! Thank you, thank you.

Join our global monthly community supporting Vrindavan's widows.

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Our monthly community comes together from around the world to see Radha Kunda and Govardhan's land and people cared for and protected.
Here's where our donors live.

About Us

RadhaSeva is a devoted non-profit charitable organization committed to the empowerment of widows and the vibrant local Brajavasi community in Vrindavan, India. Our mission is to protect and preserve the sacred land and its rich history while uplifting and nourishing the well-being of its inhabitants, ensuring a sustainable and thriving future for all

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