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Give the gift of lasting impact to the widows of Vrindavan

Become a monthly donor and support widows who care for Vrindavan’s sacred sites and communities while maintaining their dignity.
Be a vital part of their journey today. 



Thank you for not letting me down as a charity! Thank you for sharing the results of your work! Thank you, thank you.

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So happy to have found this. Finally an organization whose mission resonates with my values.

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Bhakti Mj

This is truly beautiful and close to my heart now. You have a mothly donor in NYC. May you be blessed to continue to help all who need.

RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan at Kusum Sarovar

We're on a mission to empower these widowed women as they strive to protect their sacred home.

Our daily efforts empower an incredible team of Vrindavan's widows while working with the residents (Brajavasis)  to protect, preserve, and uplift their sacred home and communities, in Sri Vrindavan Dham.  Join Us.

Vrindavan, India, is one of the most renowned holy places in the world. It is home to 20,000 of India's most vulnerable women who lack their most basic human rights, The Widows of Vrindavan - and its sacred land is diminishing under excess trash and unsustainable modernization.


Empowering Widows & Local Brajavasis

We provide widows and local Brajavasis an opportunity for personal and community empowerment with fair pay wages and community initiatives, bringing them out of poverty and taking on projects that matter most.

RadhaSeva A woman cleaning in Govardhan as part of the non-profit organization RadhaSeva
widow of Vrindavan cleaning in Radha Kunda part of RadhaSeva a non-profit organization in Vrindavan

Become a monthly sponsor to a widowed woman in need.


Vrindavan's widows are women without a family or community to support them. Coming from small rural villages, most widows cannot read or write beyond their names, struggle to find even the most modest means of employment, and resort to begging in Vrindavan's streets for their livelihood. 

Sponsoring a widow ensures her employment to provide meals for other widows and local people in need and preserve and maintain Vrindavan's sacred spaces. It offers her housing and medical care and, most importantly, gives her family, community, and purpose once again.

RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widowed Woman in India

Meet our widows who need your sponsorship.

We empower and employ widowed women of Vrindavan to make a difference in their communities. By sponsoring one of our widowed women and her needs, you also sponsor her efforts to protect sacred temples and waterways, feed women and children, and uplift her community.

RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widow Sponsorship
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widow Sponsorship
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widow Sponsorship
RadhaSeva Widow of Vrindavan Widow Sponsorship


Radharani - The Queen of Vrindavan

Radharani is a prominent figure in the Vaishnava tradition and is considered to be the Divine Feminine and the eternal consort of  the supreme personality Lord Krishna. Radharani is considered to be the embodiment of divine love and devotion and is revered as the most important of all of Lord Krishna's devotees. She is known for her beauty, grace, and her unwavering devotion to Krishna. She is also known as the Queen of Vrindavan, the land of Krishna's childhood.

Supporting the widows of Vrindavan is considered to be an act of service or seva , as it is believed to be a way of serving Radharani (Radha) herself. Radharani is often seen as a compassionate and loving mother figure who cares for all beings, and especially for those who are in need in her beloved home, Vrindavan dham.

So we gratefully invite you to help us with our Radha Seva to the widows of Vrindavan.
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