Stand with Mothers of Vrindavan
 for COVID-19 Relief


As the COVID-19  global crisis continues, Vrindavan's widows stand united in emergency relief efforts to the needs of the nation's most vulnerable.

We've set out to empower an incredible group of women striving to make a difference. 

We support widows to take back their lives and uplift their communities.

This Is How We Do It

Local Projects

We work with local communities and governments to empower widows to feed the hungry, preserve historical land and waters.

Honest Employment

We offer double the local standard in wage, allowing widows an honest opportunity to develop a life without the need for handouts and begging.

Future Visions

Our program ensures widows' security with stipends and community resources so they can plan for a future worth envisioning. 

We're doing something never

done before,
giving India's widows a life of dignity by giving back to their communities.


When we care for widows, people become fed, communities thrive, and land restored.

Join a powerful community of monthly donors who believe all women have the right to an honorable life. 

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