Join a dedicated community protecting Vrindavan and its people every month, all year. 

Widows next to a pile of trash in Radha Kunda Vrindavan. Part of RadhaSeva and
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Vrindavan, India, is one of the most renowned holy places in the world. It is home to 20,000 of India's most vulnerable women, The Widows of Vrindavan, and its sacred land is diminishing under excess trash and unsustainable modernization.

Together, we can tackle these crises.

We've set out to empower an incredible team of Vrindavan's widows and local residents, who are striving to protect, preserve, and uplift their sacred home and communities. Here's how.

widow cleaning Kusum Sarovara in Govardhan part of RadhaSeva a nonprofit organization in Vrindavan.


Empowering Widows & Local Brajavasis

We provide widows and local Brajavasis an opportunity for personal and community empowerment with fair pay wages and community initiatives, bringing them out of poverty and taking on projects that matter most.

RadhaSeva A woman cleaning in Govardhan as part of the non-profit organization RadhaSeva
widow of Vrindavan cleaning in Radha Kunda part of RadhaSeva a non-profit organization in Vrindavan
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20,000 widows in Vrindavan are living without their most basic resources. When the most vulnerable women are empowered, everything changes.

Most of Vrindavan's widows were married as child brides - in fact, over 95%. Over 75% have never learned to read or write, and more than half had lost their husbands before they reached 35 years old. Widows are considered social outcasts after the death of their husbands and left without opportunities for employment and few resources to survive, even in Vrindavan.

We give widows an opportunity for a second chance, providing personal empowerment, community initiatives, and living wages for engagements that matter most to them.


Before and after our site restorations

We restore and maintain the historic and sacred kundas and holy spaces throughout Radha Kunda and Govardhan. After initial restorations are complete, we work with widows and Brajavasis to preserve each of these locations daily to ensure their protection and longevity. 


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Caitanya's Sitting Place

Rhondita - Widow of Vrindavan

In 1515 Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu would rest at this location between His walk from Imli Tala to His camp at Akrura Ghata. The Jagannath deities here were previously worshiped by Murari Gupta and later sent to this location to be cared for. Today Rhondita maintains Caitanya's Sitting place. 

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BEFORE - 2012


A bright future for Govardhan's Children

We offer educational programs specifically designed for the academic and spiritual excellence of the children of Radha Kunda and Govardhan. By giving these children opportunities for success, they ensure Vrindavan's future.


Together we can help Vrindavan's people preserve their sacred home

We started with a vision to see sacred Vrindavan return back to its natural beauty, with the people who reside there again uplifted and empowered. 

Today, we maintain
every single major kunda in Govardhan, removing over

800,000lbs of trash

while serving over 650,000 people in need. 

Uplifting and protecting Vrindavan, India's land and people. 

 Join Sevaka, our community of monthly givers who protect Vrindavan's sacred land and empower the widows and Brajavasis who reside there.