Women and Water

Over 2 tons or 4,000 lbs of trash are thrown into the waters of Govardhan each year.

Widows took the challenge.

Protecting the Sacred.

The waters of Radha Kunda and Govardhan hold mysterious histories and are worshipped by millions. Women are keeping these waters clean. 

For millions, the kunds (pools of water) in Govardhan are the most sacred waters on the planet, thousands traveling across the globe to visit each year. The widows and locals strive to keep these waters free of plastics and debris and maintain the surrounding areas despite the often overwhelming crowds and the garbage that comes with them. It isn't a simple task and takes daily cleaning to be maintained properly. Still deeper problems like sewage runoff and chemical contamination remain a stressful reality for locals. With heavy population growth and inadequate septic systems to support so many, surface cleaning only does so much.


We are dedicated to cleaning these waters and our hope is to further maintain and purify them. 

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