Padma Inc. A USA 501(c)(3) religious charity. EIN 561969986 RadhaSeva is a dual-qualified charity in USA and India with Padma Charitable Trust. RadhaSeva is wholly owned by Padma Inc. 

Short & Simple Title

Change the life of a widow

Sponsor a Widow Today

Sponsoring a widow means empowering a woman

By sponsoring a widow you give the opportunity for a woman to take back her life. With fair wage sponsorships, women are empowered to make decisions for themselves and have the ability to provide for their own livelihood without degrading handouts. Women are paid double the local standard to be able to afford appropriate living necessities, and, more importantly with a single income are given a community where they can feel their voice and their needs are heard. The women in Radha Kunda Seva are given a second chance at a life of value and meaning and are encouraged to make a positive impact in their lives and others.

How Sponsorships Work

Full sponsorship ensures each widow receives: 
*Double the local standard in pay or stipend
*Daily meals
*Access to needs-based services (assistance for medical & housing)

Full Sponsorship - $300 a month for one widow's needs

Join a Sponsorship Pool

When you give a partial sponsorship we pool sponsorships together allowing various donors to meet a widow's needs. 

Current Widows Sponsored



At 65 years of age, Bojalata has been serving in Radha Kunda for over 35 years. Without husband or family, Radha Kunda is her only community.


After living in Radha Kunda for over 10 years, Sulochana has become dedicated to caring for the sacred land she calls home.


Originally from Navadwip, Santorini has been alone for 4 years. At 70 years of age, she is still dedicated to the service of Radha Kunda.


Living in Radha Kunda for 6 years, Phooleswari is one of the stalwarts of cooking, daily making the effort to ensure her community is fed. 


Padmavati has lived and served in Radha Kunda for 22 years. Desiring to care for her community, she cooks and serves out to over 100 women.


At the age of 70, Basona has worked for Radha Kunda Seva for 5 years. She is a beautiful example that any woman at any age makes a difference.


Working as a cook for 4 years Aparna has made the effort to daily cook and care for the women in her community as well as nearly 100 locals a day.


Although her husband is still alive, his illnesses have made him incapable of working. Shivani has been serving Radha Kunda for 17 years.


At 36 Rohini was widowed and without children to provide for her. Now in her 40s, she has served Radha Kunda for nearly 4 years. 


Madhubala has lived in Radha Kunda for 5 years. She had made her spiritual community her priority, cooking and serving with deep affection.


Living in Radha Kunda for 37 years, Sapna loves her work. She is committed to ensuring places like Radha Kunda are well maintained for thousands.


Revati has lived in Radha Kunda for over 40 years without family. She has been a dedicated cook and support system to the women in her community.


Bharati has been living and serving in Radha Kunda for 4 years. With her family remaining in her home town she has been alone in her service.


Sundha has served Radha Kunda for over 15 years. Her children far away in her home town she is alone in Radha Kunda at the age of 60.


Purnima has lived in Radha Kunda her entire life, and has dedicated herself to service of holy land, daily cleaning temples, and surrounding areas. 


Uma was married at 10 years of age. Now widowed, with her daughters married, she has been serving Radha Kunda for 2 years.


Rondita joyfully dedicates herself to daily serving Radha Kunda. Living here for over 20 years, she is a stalwart in the preservation of her home.