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Change the life of a widow

Sponsor a Widow Today

Sponsoring a widow means empowering a woman

By sponsoring a widow you give the opportunity for a woman to take back her life. With fair wage sponsorships, women are empowered to make decisions for themselves and have the ability to provide for their own livelihood without degrading handouts. Women are paid double the local standard to be able to afford appropriate living necessities, and, more importantly with a single income are given a community where they can feel their voice and their needs are heard. The women in Radha Kunda Seva are given a second chance at a life of value and meaning and are encouraged to make a positive impact in their lives and others.

How Sponsorships Work

Full sponsorship ensures each widow receives: 
*Double the local standard in pay or stipend
*Daily meals
*Access to needs-based services (assistance for medical & housing)

Full Sponsorship - $300 a month for one widow's needs

Join a Sponsorship Pool

When you give a partial sponsorship we pool sponsorships together allowing various donors to meet a widow's needs. 

Current Widows Sponsored