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This season, we're celebrating

It's been a difficult year for everyone. Help us make a difference where it counts by uplifting the people and communities of Vrindavan.

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Your generous gift this season will bring warm clothing and gifts to the children of Vrindavan, India.

Vrindavan's winters can be harsh and cold, this season we're taking care of Vrindavan's children. 

$25 gives warm clothing and gifts

to a child in need


  • a warm hat, sweater, socks and gloves

  • a toy, game, or craft of their choice

With your generous gift, we'll send you pictures of the children you've impacted, so you can rest assured your contribution is going where it matters. 

We've set out to empower an incredible community of Vrindavan's widows and local residents, who are striving to protect, preserve, and uplift their 

sacred home.  Here's how.

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Personal & Community Empowerment

We provide widows and disadvantaged locals an opportunity for personal & community empowerment. 

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Sacred & Historical
Site Restorations

We tackle environmental projects, including protecting sacred spaces and waterways and restoring historic temples.

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Meal Distribution For Those In Need

We support community strength by offering

 meal security to locals and widows in need,

so their resources can go futher.


Sponsor a Project

Renovate and restore a sacred and historical location or fund an entire village school for $10,000 or more.

Click here to learn more about funding a project, ways to give, and our commitment to reporting back to you on your impact. 


We maintain every single major holy place in Govardhan, removing over

800,000lbs of trash

while serving over 650,000 people in need. 

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