Kusum Sarovar

As seen above, Kusum Sarovar is a magnificent work of ancient architecture, several hundreds of years old. The Sarovar was constructed by the Jat rulers of the Bharatpur, Maharaja Suraj Mal as a pool and garden for his queen, Kishori Rani. The building was later built by Maharaja Jawahir Singh, the king of Bharatpur, in honor of his father Maharaja Suraj Mall in 1764.

Sarovar translates to lake and kusum to flower and Kusum Sarovar is named for pastimes thousands of years old of female cow herders (gopis) who picked flowers for the Sun God, Surya, for the nearby Surya Deva Temple. There, these gopis met with Krishna and his friend Madhumangala who would disguise themselves as priests, accepting the flowers and sweets at the temple for themselves as lighthearted tricks. These pastimes can now be found painted inside Kusam Sarovar's building walls.

Today Kusum Sarovar is a historic landmark and place of pilgrimage for thousands. Widows and locals alike maintain Kusam Sarovar daily so this beautiful landmark may continue to inspire and remain a chapter in the history of India.

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