Empowering Widows of India

Why Widows Need Your Help

There are

55 Million widows in India & 20,000 live in a single place, Vrindavan.

90% of those women are uneducated, illiterate & abandoned by their families.

Only widows over 60 receive a government pension, but it's worth only $5 a month.

Social stigmas leave most widows shunned and left to beg in the streets.

"In my village, they would sell girls to men as wives. When my husband died, I was given nothing, no support". - anonymous 

Together we can change this reality.  

I'm Radhika,
I lead the organization, RadhaSeva, and advocate for the women of Vrindavan, India. It's my belief no woman should be left to the streets to beg for her survival, and it is my mission to see the widows of Vrindavan given equal opportunity for a life of meaning and value. 

Today, we employ widows of Vrindavan with equal and fair pay, up to double the local standards, for meaningful engagement in their communities. This allows for personal independence, strong community, and changes cultural stigmas against widows.

With faith in the abilities of these women, they're able to do incredible things: 

  • Hand prepare fresh meals for 200 widows a day

  • Feed thousands of men, women, and children in poverty and in need. 

  • Clean holy waters of their homeland, Vrindavan. 

  • Protect sacred and historic sites from garbage and debris.

  • Maintain temples thousands of years old

  • Turn landfills into gardens &

  • Uplift their communities in the process. 

When women are supported, communities are uplifted
and here are the numbers to prove it!

Every day widows clean their sacred home Vrindavan, maintaining historical landmarks and holy places to keep their home pristine.

Over 750,000 lbs of trash have been removed. 

Widows prepare meals to hundreds of local men, women, and children in need, every day. Providing for the local community has changed lives.

Over 1 million people have been fed.

Widows provide for women in their community by serving over 200 meals a day to women in need, as well as monthly feasts. 

Over 680,000 meals have been served to widows. 

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When you donate monthly you're ensuring the widows of Vrindavan will always get the resources to provide for their communities.

$1 a day is an insured meal for someone who really needs it. 
$30 a month means they will always get that meal. 
$50 a month means not only will someone always get a meal, it means the women who provide it will always get paid for her work as well. 

We live in a world where it's almost impossible not to pay a monthly subscription for something. This monthly subscription ensures you're making an impact every single day.


I really admire this work and only want to do more! - Suzanne (monthly donor)


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