Every morning and evening the widows spread joy and gather for hearty meals made by the women of their community.

Mornings begin early for our cooks. They come every single day, and in a simple kitchen, hand-prepare nutritious meals for over 200 people, both other widows, and locals in need. 




These widows begin their morning by hand rolling over 800 capattis (flat breads) over a simple gas stove. Vegetable preps are made alongside them for a hearty traditional breakfast. 

The rest is served out to 150 widows within the surrounding areas who depend upon these daily meals for their substance.

By supporting widows, entire communities have become fed. 

India is home to 1/4 of the world's undernourished people. Through our program local men, women and children come daily for the widows' prepared meal. For those in poverty, an extra meal a day makes a world of a difference and widows are able to serve this need. Together, we can help children, women and men fight food insecurity.  


100% of your donation will go toward caring for the community. 

Once a month we help widows by preparing a feast.


Sponsor a feast on behalf of yourself and family or in honor of another. 

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