COVID-19 Relief

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, the women we support have become vulnerable now more than ever.  

Together, we are facing a genuinely astonishing situation. The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting families, businesses, communities, and government systems worldwide. As the number of COVID-19

 cases rise globally, we are continuing to take action to secure the safety of the women we serve and the locals we support. 


India's 1.3 billion people have been held in the most extensive lockdown in history. Even with this extraordinary suspension of daily life, it may not be enough to cap the spread of COVID-19. With the most densely populated cities on the planet, weak public health systems, lack of clean water, and the near impossibility of social distancing in impoverished areas, India will likely face astronomical cases of COVID-19, despite the drastic measures taken to prevent it. 

The current nationwide 21-day shutdown required to prevent further contamination of COVID-19 has additionally left millions unemployed and struggling to feed themselves or their families as an alarming outcome. 

The lockdown requires all individuals to remain at home with each city and village separately quarantined. All businesses are closed, police brutality severe, and food and water shortages are increasing by the day, leaving people starving. Many working-class citizens have been forced to walk days and hundreds of miles from the cities they previously worked in to return to their local villages, hoping to find support from their extended families. 

At RadhaSeva, we are continuing to take actions that secure the health and safety of the women we serve as well as the local staff who support them. Although COVID-19 is rapidly spreading and India is going into national shock as a result, our team is daily working to offer relief. 

What we're up against is no small task. With 160 million people in India lacking access to clean water, more than the population of Russia, and over 600 million Indians living with acute water shortages, proper sanitation, for many, is nearly impossible. In Govardhan, where we work and serve, open sewer systems, lack of governmental sanitation programs, and a general lack of clean water is a serious concern. Many locals rely on governmental water trucks and tanks available only at certain times to fill their buckets for daily use. Reinforcing proper sanitation measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus means asking people to decide between water to drink or water to sanitize. 

With these serious concerns at hand, we are educating our local staff on how to protect themselves and their families while providing the resources they need to be able to do so. Additionally, we have given quarantine food packets for the lockdown consisting of grains, lentils, and beans so the women we provide for and the local staff will be able to survive food shortages during and potentially after the 21-day lockdown. 

At RadhaSeva we will be on the ready for the lifting of this nationwide shutdown and do what is needed to pull our communities out of this crisis. We are preparing to feed the hungry and provide for the women in our care in a time where they are now most vulnerable. We have an amazing and dedicated team, ready and willing to do our part, and as a global community, we are becoming connected like never before.  


In these uncertain times, you may be asking how to help and we are making it easier than ever for you to help women through our quick online donations and employer match option. Donate relief today to support women through the pandemic in India. Can the Widows count on you to help through this crisis in India and around the globe?

We remain committed to our partnerships and uniting together for whatever future lies ahead.

Please check back regularly, subscribe to our mailing list for updates, and consider donating to provide relief in these trying times. 

-The RadhaSeva Team


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