Join Sevaka, our community of monthly givers who are empowering local residents and protecting sacred Vrindavan.

The 'Apocalyptic' second wave of COVID-19 is leaving India's people desperate for resources to survive. To date, India has a record high of over 19 million recorded cases of COVID-19 and over 212,000 deaths. In addition, it is estimated that over 71 million people have fallen into extreme poverty, and 950 million people left food insecure.

In Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, there are now over 1.25 million cases of COVID-19, and starvation is the biggest problem.

At RadhaSeva, we urgently request funds needed to provide the necessary resources for the survival of Vrindavan's residents during this crisis.

Our resources include bulk grains for food security, and basic drugs needed immediately.

Our center has been an epicenter for Vrindavan's widows and impoverished locals who are now in desperate need of help. Our services are and have always been free of charge, and our charity relief efforts for those in need have continued for over a decade, serving thousands of people in need. Now, more than ever, we require critical resources to provide food security for the vulnerable in Vrindavan, as well as supplies to protect against COVID-19. We must provide early resources to save the lives of the vulnerable, help reduce the pressure of overwhelmed hospitals, and take on efforts to help mitigate mass starvation. 



RadhaSeva requires funds for this urgent appeal, and we must be able to continue our services during this crisis and help save lives. Our daily operation costs for these relief efforts are only $1,000 a day. Your generous donation will allow us to continue this necessary service.


Please help us give relief in a time where it is most needed. By working together, we can support people in need and save lives.

For as little as $10, you can help us provide food security for one family for up to a week. 

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