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20,000 widows in Vrindavan are living without their most basic resources. When the most vulnerable women are empowered, everything changes.

We offer widows salaries double the local standard to prepare meals for over 400 people a day, including women in their community and local men, women, and children in need. Additionally, widows restore and maintain 5,000-year-old sacred and historical sites and globally recognized waters around Govardhan in Vrindavan, India.


Vrindavan, India, is home to 20,000 of the world's most vulnerable women, and its sacred land is diminishing under unsustainable urban development. Together, we can tackle these crises at once.

We've set out to empower an incredible community of Vrindavan's widows and local residents, who are striving to protect, preserve, and uplift their sacred home. Here's how.


We provide widows and disadvantaged local Brajavasis an opportunity for personal and community empowerment with fair pay wages, and community initiatives. Together, we're doing incredible things.

Personal & Community

A Vrindavan where women are empowered, sacred spaces are protected, and communities are uplifted. Join us.

 Join Sevaka, our community of monthly givers who are empowering local residents and protecting sacred Vrindavan, India.


Preserving Vrindavan's History


This 350-Year-Old Temple Needs Your Help Today

Our gorgeous and historic new headquarters, Radha Madan Mohan Mandir, constructed by Sanatana Goswami in 1670, is in desperate need of repair. 

Help us restore this special piece of history today.


Together we can help Vrindavan's people preserve their sacred home

We started with a vision to see sacred Vrindavan return back to its natural beauty, with the people who reside there again uplifted and empowered. 

Today, we maintain
every single major kunda in Govardhan, removing over

800,000lbs of trash

while serving over 650,000 people in need. 


Support a girl's education and give her an opportunity for a brighter future.
Give $30 a month to sponsor a girl's education.
Bring warm winter clothing to widows of Vrindavan.
Offer a $50 gift box of warm winter clothes to a widow in need.